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What is SPOON&STIR and who is this person behind it?

What is SPOON&STIR and who is this person behind it?

Welcoooooome! Let me introduce spoon&stir! Spoon&stir is an online platform that has been created by me, San.

As a little girl, I loved going out for dinner with my family. One day, during school holidays, my granddad made me write a paper about the restaurants we visited while vacationing in France. For fun. And I enjoyed doing so…. A little over ten years ago, I finally was allowed to work legally and took up a job in a restaurant in my hometown. Ever since, I have had multiple roles in tourism, restaurants, and hotels in different countries around the globe. Spending time abroad allowed me to travelled quite a bit and have to say that my enthusiasm for hospitality has grown exponentially. Still just as curious, only a lot more excited.

Hospitality is pretty amazing, and it gets even more fascinating when you cross borders: the hospitality culture, the service, the creativity, the ideas. The way menus look, how people talk to you, the food, the presentation, the restrooms and thousand more elements. It differs everywhere, and I am for 100% convinced that people can always learn something from one and other.

Over time I came to realise that well, we only do have one globe. Moreover, it dawned to me that hospitality leaves next to a positive impact by creating tons of jobs, also a substantial negative impact on the world. After spending plenty of time on reading and watching videos about these topics, I felt that this wasn’t enough anymore and therefore am currently working on my PhD in Sustainability Science with a focus on food production and consumption to learn how we can work towards a kinder and more sustainable earth.

Everything I learn through my research and connections in the hospitality and food industry I want to share with other people who have a thing for hospitality, and that is how Spoon&Stir came to live.

Spoon&Stir is an online platform sharing ins and outs about conscious hospitality. I hear you think, what is conscious hospitality? Well, it means thinking about the choices you make and to let those choices be nice to the earth and its beings.

Spoon&stir is going to do its utmost best to inspire you all with creative ideas any hospitality entrepreneur or business could implement. Most people think sustainability and eco-friendly is boring and only for rich companies or big corporations or will be enough by writing two lines on their website. These statements are so not true. It is fun, it doesn’t cost tons of money, and there are so many creative remarkable entrepreneurs all around the world doing this who love to get you inspired.

Do you need some inspiration to save or make more money (yes people are nowadays more inclined to choose for sustainable friendly companies)? Want to make some changes in the benefit of the earth? Or just really want to see what other companies are doing? Well, keep an eye at this website, Instagram or Pinterest account.

And already thanks for all you are already doing. Keep up the awesome work!

And do you know this super awesome hospitality entrepreneur or business Spoon&stir really should get to know? Visit this page. I loooooove getting inspired!

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