Spoon&stir is an online platform about conscious hospitality made for and built together with people all around the globe.


Who doesn’t love going out for dinner, enjoy a leisurely day out, travel across oceans or stay in hotels? Well, I know I do. The hospitality industry’s contribution to the world’s economy is enormous, and a billion people are making a living through this industry. For this reason, it is unfortunate to say that the hospitality sector also leaves a gigantic carbon footprint on the globe. Thankfully, there are already numerous hospitality businesses and entrepreneurs around the world rethinking traditional hospitality (yay!) by becoming more conscious. Being conscious means being aware of what we do and the impact our actions have – And then; as a result, act in a way which is best for the earth and all living creatures. The hospitality industry has always coped with challenges. Every part of the world faces challenges. However, becoming more sustainable is a call to the entire world’s hospitality industry.  



For spoon&stir, I enthusiastically explore all outskirts of the world’s hospitality industry. Through this, I connect with those inspiring businesses and people to learn about sustainable practices and environmental-friendly ideas. Or how we, in some other way, can be creative in a conscious way. Sustainable hospitality practices are often being said to be expensive, not for us, too far out of reach, only for the big corporationsbut, this is not true. Thinking consciously about hospitality is for everyone, not just the big corporations. Everyone can do it, and every person could be an inspiration. 


Through spoon&stir everyone around the world, has access to inspiration which encourages you to run a hospitality business consciously. Even by the tiniest step, like for example, not using plastic utensils anymore – you contribute to making the hospitality industry more sustainable. It does not have to be hard nor should it be expensive to make a choice which is better for the world. 


It is pretty hard, though to make an impact on this industry and the world alone. To be able to do that, you will need a group of other awe-inspiring conscious hospitality enthusiasts who think alike (at least for a little). And that’s the cool thing. Sustainable hospitality businesses and entrepreneurs love sharing their stories and ideas to inspire others to make specific bold choices in benefit of humanity, animals and the earth. By bonding together, we can make a change and that, that is why I founded spoon&stir.