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Spoon&stir is an online platform about 

conscious food & hospitality



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Who doesn’t love lingering through food markets scanning for novel products, visiting the newest restaurants in the area or leisurely unwind in hotels? 

Well, we know, we (and billions of you guys) do.


BUT, both the food & hospitality industry’s contribution to the world’s economy is enormous, and plenty of people’s existence depends on these industries. Therefore, it is so sad to say that these sectors leave a gigantic carbon footprint and have quite a large social impact.


Thankfully, there are already numerous businesses and entrepreneurs rethinking the concept of food & hospitality (yay!) by becoming more conscious. 

Being conscious means being aware of what we do and the impact our actions have. And then; as a result, choose to act in a way which is best for the earth and all living creatures. The world has always coped with challenges, and sustainable development is the one we face this century. 


Spoon & Stir enthusiastically explores all outskirts of 

the world’s food & hospitality industry. 

Through this, we have the opportunity to connect with inspiring businesses and people to learn about sustainable practices and environmental-friendly ideas. Or how we, in some other way, can be creative in a conscious way. Everyone can do this, and every person & business can be a source of inspiration. 


Through Spoon & Stir we will share about conscious food & hospitality to inspire anyone who is interested to make kinder choices for ourselves and the globe. 


So what can you find on this platform:

# awesome (sustainable) restaurants

# cool and inspiring hospitality entrepreneurs

# conscious hospitality practices

# recipes

# hospo life

# anything else which is related to food & hospitality & sustainability


It is pretty hard, though to make an impact on this industry and the world alone.
To be able to do that, you will need a group of other awe-inspiring conscious enthusiasts who think alike. 

By bonding together, we can make a change and that, 

that is what Spoon & Stir aims to do


Spoon & Stir, 2022

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