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Food in jars

Huh isn’t that vegan? Sneaky non-vegan products.

To figure out whether a product is vegan sounds pretty straightforward: just check the label to see if it containsΒ egg, shellfish, beeswax, gelatin or milkΒ and you will know whether a product is vegan or not. Unfortunately, in reality, it is not always that easy. There…


What to do with your restaurant’s food scraps and waste

No restaurant is ever able to ditch all food waste entirely.  Well, this is not true, as there is this inspiring restaurant SILO in London, which is the world’s first zero-waste restaurant. This is next-level awesome. However, for the regular cafΓ©s and restaurants between us,…


The creativity of food menu displays in Japan

If you have ever been to Japan, you sure must have seen these fantastic food menu displays in the windows of restaurants or cafΓ©s. The one crazier and funkier looking than the other and you cannot stop taking photos. There is a name for this:…


What is SPOON&STIR and who is this person behind it?

Welcoooooome! Let me introduce spoon&stir! Spoon&stir is an online platform that has been created by me, San. As a little girl, I loved going out for dinner with my family. One day, during school holidays, my granddad made me write a paper about the restaurants…